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You are also a constant reminder to me that we must dedicate ourselves to the profession that makes us happy, and follow our dreams. I first watched "Jenny Live" at a friends house and they are Latino too.When I first heard her I said to Palo, sorry but I don't understand Spanish he said, "just wait you will" and then she began to translate.Jenny, I hope you never change your love of life and zest for it.I am sure the advice you give is well received by both old and young alike.Chriss (aka Derrick) Every day it has become usual for me to wake me up at 3.55AM, I don't want to miss just one minute of JL.All topics didn't concern me, but I always listen carefully.

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Finally, the beauty and the talent of Paola give me the desire to discover Colombia.If you or any woman wants to bare her chest they should have that right to do so. To sum it up if I had to live in a world of clones they would all have your warm friendly smile, zest for live and willingness to help mankind. I have been a member for a couple of years with a loyal following.I do have one suggestion I noticed you fanning yourself in a few of your episodes. I recently relocated to Florida from the west coast.As a bonus, she provides her gift to the world and makes each person she comes into contact with feel unique and positive.I applaud you Miamitv for what you do for your members and the events you cover for your promoters. I look forward to your coverage of the next event and "Jenny-Live".She is every bit the host we watch from our electronic devices around the world.