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Dating a borderline personality disorder

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Status is very important to people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.Associating with famous and special people provides them a sense of importance. Despite their bravado, people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder require a lot of admiration from other people in order to bolster their own fragile self-esteem.

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In fact, they will often blame their victims for "causing" their wrong actions, or deserving of their fate.The symptoms cause The above list only briefly summarizes these individual Cluster B personality disorders.Richer, more detailed descriptions of these disorders are found in the section describing the four core features of personality disorders.People with Borderline Personality Disorder tend to view the world in terms of black-and-white, or all-or-nothing thinking.Their tendency to see the world in black-or-white (polarized) terms makes it easy for them to Clearly, the Borderline Personality Disorder with its combination of distorted thought patterns, intense and under-regulated emotions, and poor impulse control is practically designed to wreak havoc on any interpersonal relationship.In short, if we've never been able to orderline personality is constructed from a cumulative, complex group of emotional injuries to one's sense of Self.